Stitch Fix Review – #9

I was so excited about this month’s Fix.  Since I became a stylist in July I’ve been eyeing certain pieces.  It’s really hard being a stylist and deciding on ONLY five pieces for your own Fix.  However, this month I picked a few pieces that I can wear now and a few that will be great for the fall.

My coworker received the DJ & JUJU – Cat Knit Pullover in her Fix and as soon as I felt how soft and light it was I knew that I had to have one too!  This is one of my favorite pieces and I will probably live in it this fall/winter!  And to go with the pullover I picked the amazing T4T – Monica Legging.  The leggings are thick enough that I will be able to wear them to the gym or out for a run.  But I can also pair them with a tunic and tall boots for this fall.


I love striped shirts so when I saw this top I knew that I needed to have it!  I wasn’t sure I would like the material but once I tried it on I loved it!  It’s light enough that I can wear it now.  I’m planning to buy a vest that will look great with it this fall.



So this piece was a splurge!  I would never spend $78 for a denim jacket but let me tell you this jacket is totally worth every penny.  I have tried on denim jackets from Gap, Old Navy, and Target and none of them compare to this jacket.  I love the stretch this jacket has and it fits perfectly and it isn’t stiff like most denim jackets.


Finally, I picked a dress that was a little out of my comfort zone.  I’ve never bought a green dress but this one looked really cute and I wanted a dress that would be great for this fall.


My goal with each of my personal fixes is to try something new and to be adventurous.  When people ask me about Stitch Fix I tell them to be open minded and try new things!  As a stylist, I also try to send at least one piece that is adventurous and hope the client will be willing to give it a chance.

If you would like to try out Stitch Fix CLICK HERE  and if you would like for me to style your FIX you can sign up and ask for me – Jessica White 🙂  

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