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20th High School Reunion

This past weekend my family and I headed to west Texas for my 20th High School Reunion.  This picture may not look like much to most but this picture makes me feel like I am home!  I grew up in Snyder, TX and it was a small town but it was home and I loved it.  My parents moved from Snyder almost 12 years ago so I the last time I was in Snyder was 10 years ago for my 10 year reunion.


We arrived in Snyder just in time for the Homecoming pep rally.

Homecoming Pep Rally

It was great to see my friends from high school.


After the pep rally, we all got dressed for the game.  Julie made homecoming mums for all of the kids!  They were all so excited.

The kiddos with their homecoming mums
Julie and I with our kids
I love this girl!

I loved being back in Snyder and watching a football game.



Saturday we spent the day driving around Snyder. Zeb (the guy in the middle of the above picture) organized an Amazing Race style game and left clues all over town.  It was so much fun showing our girls around my hometown.

At our 10 year reunion, my best friends and I were all pregnant with our first baby.

and here we are 10 years later… (none of pregnant this reunion 🙂  )



now time for the Amazing Race – Snyder style


selfies all over town…


I am so happy that my girls are friends with my BFFs daughter.


our group for the Amazing Race…


These girls mean the world to me…


and 20 years later we are all still close friends.


Saturday night we held our class dinner in the new school cafeteria and were able to have a tour of the high school before dinner.


One of your classmates owns a restaurant in town so he hosted our after party.  Zeb did and amazing planning the party.  We had a room for casino games and in the other room he had a stage set up for Karaoke.  It was great to just sit around and chat with my classmates.


We the whole group singing our class song together.


Before we headed home we made one last stop.  We took the girls to where Danny and I said “I Do”.  It was great to stop and see where I walked down the aisle to the man I love so much.


This weekend was amazing and full of many emotions.  It is always hard to go home but going home is good for the soul.  At our 10 year reunion, we were all still trying to figure out where were stood in the world and wanted to impress everyone.  However, our 20-year reunion we felt like we were back in high school.  No one was trying to impress anyone and we all just enjoyed hanging out with each other.  Danny and I were talking about why our friendships in high school are different than our adult friendships.  And we came to the conclusion that high school friendships are deeper because we learn so much about each other and spend ALOT of time together.   And when it comes to adult friendships you have to work a little harder because you now are not sitting beside this person in school every day and you now have a family that takes up most of your time.  I love my high school friends and I miss seeing them.  I look forward to the next time we are all together.

4 thoughts on “20th High School Reunion

    1. It was a blast! The sad part is my graduating class was 255 and only around 60 people came back. And there is probably another 30 to 40 that live in my hometown that chose to not come to the reunion 🙁

  1. What a great weekend and reunion you had!!! I wasn’t able to make it to my 10 year class reunion, but we are 3 years away from our 20th and we have already started planning it, so it should be a good time!

    Glad you had fun!!
    Have a great Monday =)

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