Mug Love Exchange 

The mug love exchange is one of my favorite exchanges.  When I emailed the person that I was matched up with I was shocked when her address came back and she only lives 5 miles from me!

So Mary  ( The Bost Family Blog)and I decided that we should just meet up for our mug Exchange. There was no reason to mail our mugs to each other 🙂

This past Monday Mary and I met up at a local Starbucks and exchanged our mugs. It’s always great to meet a fellow blogger in person.  Mary is the sweetest girl, even though she is a razorback – love ya Mary 😁.  I’m so glad I got paired up with her and I hope we can get together again and toss some blogging ideas around.

I love my super cute mug!!! And she also gave me a great candle that I’m burning right now. My house smells like fall, thanks, Mary. 🍂🍁🍂🍁

seriously the cutest mug!!

Go check out my mugs that I gave to Mary

Happy Thursday!!

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9 thoughts on “Mug Love Exchange 

  1. UMMM…. how CRAZY that you guys live so close to each other! That is awesome that you got to meet up for the exchange vs. mailing, especially since I am seeing a couple people’s mugs got broken in the process of being sent. Love the mug she picked for you!!

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