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Christmas Home Tour – 2017

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.  I love when our house is all decorated for the holiday season.  If I had my way I would start decorating our house the first week in November.  Today I’m linking up with Andrea and sharing our Christmas Home Tour.

When you first walk into our home you will see our entry table all decked out…


Then our dining room.

I have decorated our table with my favorite Christmas dishes.


In our dining room, I also have my collection of Santas.


We also have our one of three Christmas trees.  This tree has all of our memorable ornaments.


Examples… a picture from our first Christmas together, the ornament from our vacation to DisneyWorld, another ornament that was given to us on our first Christmas, and then I have a collection musical Hallmark ornaments.


We even have some festive decorations in our kitchen.


The girls love having a tree upstairs…


Finally, in our leaving room, we have decorations all over the room.


I love these Christmas stockings that were made by my grandmother.


I have also framed the Santa picture from the past 10 visits.


and finally our big Christmas tree in the living room.


I hope you have enjoyed our Christmas Home Tour!  Have a wonderful Tuesday.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour – 2017

  1. It truly is the best time of year for home decor! Everything is just so warm and inviting. I did not set up a tree in any of the kids rooms this year because i’m planning on painting as soon as Christmas is over….but I’m a little sad about their rooms not being very festive.

  2. We have lots of memory ornaments too; we buy a new one each year on vacation and the kids get a new one each year to signify a skill they learned, a passion they showed, or a talent they developed that year. So pretty and festive!

    1. I love that you buy an ornament every
      Year! I tried to do that and we made it about 6 years which isn’t too bad. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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