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Christmas 2017

Happy New Year!  This past week has been a blur!  I am kicking off 2018 with a look back at all of the fun we had celebrating Christmas.  Sorry for all of the blurry pictures…I guess I was so excited.

Before we woke up the girls I took a quick picture of all of the presents from Santa.


The girls were so excited to go downstairs…


Let the fun begin!

Santa left a note for the girls.


and then immediately they ran to the front porch and found two new bikes!

Kate was so excited to open her new computer!


Annual Family Christmas Picture


The girls had fun

After we celebrated Christmas in McKinney, it was time to head west to celebrate with my extended family.


We had brunch at my Nana’s house. This meant so much to her because this was the first time in a very LONG time that we all gathered in her home for a meal.  Our families have grown so much that we usually all gather at our family Bed and Breakfast.


After breakfast it was time to start cooking for our First Annual Family Cook-off.


This year we had to make “Street Tacos”.  I made chicken street tacos.  I didn’t win but they were super good!  I have all year to perfect my recipe for next year – chicken wings.


After our family contest we opened presents with my family.


The morning we headed home the weather took a turn for the worse and temps were below freezing!  The girls bundled up for one last ride on the golf cart.


Headed home!!


I think the girls had a great time playing with their cousins.

That is a wrap for 2017…Now time for 2018!!!

Happy New Year!

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