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January – TBB ask…


Resolutions or No Resolutions?

I love the idea of Resolutions, but I never stick to them!  So this year I decided to pick a word that I wanted to focus on this year.  CHECK OUT MY POST HERE

Love Snow or No Snow?

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Since I live in Texas, we hardly ever see snow.  When it does snow, everything shuts down! Literally, people have no clue how to drive, schools and businesses close and grocery stores run out food.  One year we did not have school for almost an entire week because of the ice and snow.  I would love to visit somewhere with snow where life goes on as normal. That sounds fun 🙂

Name a New Place you want to go this year? 

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I would love to go to the Wine Country this year.  This has always been on my bucket list.  Fingers crossed I can go this year.

Would you rather have a new Haircut or Hair color?

 This is a great question since my hair appointment is this week.  I love dark hair but it makes me nervous to go to dark, but I would rather color my hair then get a new hair style.

We've tried to eat, shop, and dress like French girls... and now we're after their très chic tresses. 20 Hairstyles For Chubby Faces |

Name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year?

I have never bought myself a nice purse, so this year I would like to save up and buy myself a Coach or Michael Kors purse.

Least Favorite thing about January?

 It is SO cold!!!!

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Most Favorite things about January?

 Celebrating Kate’s birthday

When do you take down your Holiday Decorations?

 I always have them down and put away by January 2nd.


Do you diet in January?

 I just try to eat healthier all year around.

What area of your home do you want to organize the most?

 I really need to organize our game room closet. I am afraid that everything is going to fall out when I open the door.

Favorite Comfort Food?

Crock Pot Chicken Chili

Ok, third time’s a charm… right?  I keep coming back to this post to write up my introduction to this awesome Crock Pot Chicken Chili recipe and I’m having a huge “brain fart”.  Yes, I seriously just said that…. in a post… on a food blog.   About the only thing that my my sleepy,...Read More »

Favorite guilty pleasure?

I love to enjoy a glass of wine while taking a bubble bath and watching Netflix.

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14 thoughts on “January – TBB ask…

  1. I hope you get to visit wine country! It’s so beautiful…just wait til’ it greens up. We’re getting rain today and it’s amazing how quickly things will begin to turn after a few good rains. (I live in the East San Francisco Bay area) So we lived in MN for 3 winters before moving to CA. We got 18″ of snow overnight the weekend we moved into our house and the kids didn’t get even one snow day. Those MN people know how to handle snow. Honestly, in the 3 years we lived there (2 of which were some of the worst winters on record) we only had 1 maybe 2 snow days. Had we still been in VA…it would have been like TX and there wouldn’t have been school for at least a week. I’m really glad we got to experience that, but I sure don’t miss the ground being covered for 4+ solid months at a time. Happy Monday! Oh…love your guilty pleasure too!

    1. I really hope I get to go!! I just found out my husband is going to San Francisco later this spring so maybe I can fly out and we can have a long weekend in Napa.

    1. Thanks!! Ice and snow days are nice but they can definitely make our household go crazy because we end up being stuck inside with nothing to do.

  2. I just wish I could enjoy the tub!!! I get all pruny and dried out. Secrets? I bet you go to wine country!!! I cannot believe you don’t have a big name purse, girl! Haha i go through purses so I only purchased one MK and one Coach and sold them both because they bored me. Ugh I know ridiculous. So now I just buy Fossil or Relic….with coupons LOL!

    1. I still turn pruny but it is my hiding spot at night. No one bothers me there so I get at least 20 to 30 minutes of peace and quite! As for the purse I am cheap when it comes to that, I would rather have fossil watches. I should look at their purses. 🙂

  3. Oh I love the idea of saving up for a really nice purse! I bought a Kate Spade from their website when there was a flash sale. I’ve sure enjoyed it!

    So glad to find another Texan. 🙂

    1. It is always fun to find a blogger from Texas 🙂 Once I am ready to buy a new purse I should definitely look for a flash sale.

  4. Love your New Year’s pic! So cute! And since we’re sister states, we don’t get much snow in Louisiana, either! Boo! I am SO in the market for a new purse! Enjoy your evening!

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