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2018…My Goal This Year


Every year I always write down the generic new years resolution, lose weight, workout, eat healthy foods, etc.   I have several friends that pick a word to define their year, so I took some time this past week and thought long hard about a word to define 2018.  The word I picked is “Intentional“.   The more I thought about this word so many things keep coming to my mind about being Intentional.  Let’s start with the definition…

Intentional – done with intention or on purpose; intended

In 2018…I am going to be intentional about my friendships.  I have several circles of friends, but this year I am going to make an effort to build those friendships.

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In 2018…I am going to be more intentional as a mom.  I am going to make time every day just to give the girls my undivided attention and be unplugged!  I am also going to make sure they know how much I love them and that I am always here for them.


In 2018…I am going to be more intentional as a wife.  Danny and I have become relaxed with our date nights.  So this year I plan to make them a priority at least 2 x a month, but shoot for once a week.  This should be easy to do because some weeks we can do a date day if we have time in our work schedules.  I am also going to be more intentional when it comes to supporting him with his career and hobbies.



Not only is it important for me to be intentional in all of the above areas, but it is important that every day that I wake I remind myself to be intentional with my daily activities.  I need to make sure that I am taking care of myself and focusing on just being a better person. I just need to be myself and not worry about what others think about me.  I also need to remind myself daily to not worry about the drama that is going on around me.  And finally, I need to to be intentional when it comes to forgiving and forgetting and MOVING ON!!  This is one thing that I really struggle with, but this year I am going to turn over a new leaf and just move on and not focus on the past.  Even though the things of the past can make you a stronger person, sometimes they can really weigh you down.

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