A Day in the Life – Saturday Edition

I love “A Day in The Life” post!! I always have big plans to do one and then I either forget to take pictures or forget halfway through the day that I was suppose to be taking pictures.  So I put this past Saturday on my calendar so that I would remember to capture our day.  Here is a look into our crazy day….

We got home really late Friday, so we all slept in Saturday morning…so nice

Once I got up I fed the dogs.

The girls finally got up.  For some reason they were both playing games on their computers instead of watching TV.

And then we headed to IHOP for breakfast.

After breakfast it was time for laundry 

And putting up dishes…I hate doing chores around the house. 

Finally it was time to head to Abigail’s basketball game. 

Once her game was over we had to rush across town for Kate’s volleyball game.

Both girls won their games!!!

While everyone was relaxing I squeezed in a quick workout. 

We ended our day with a trip to the Texas Legends basketball game. Our school’s honor choir sang at the beginning of the game.

We had to drop the girls off early to practice, so Danny and I went to a local restaurant for a quick drink and appetizer. 

Then it was time for their big performance. 

We stayed until halftime. Once we got home, we told the girls goodnight and I watched HGTV and enjoyed a nice glass of wine. 

It was a very busy day but that is a typical Saturday around our house.

I hoped you enjoyed a look into our life. 

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    • Life. Love. Reality.

      I know! My daily routine is so boring that is why I chose the weekend because at least all the pictures would not be of me and my dogs.

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