Taking Care of Me

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As a mom of two busy girls, it’s really hard to find time for just me.  We have something literally every night of the week, but I don’t let their busy activity schedule run my life.  Here are few things that I do so I can stay sane!


I decided I was not going to miss the occasional GNO just because I have a husband that travels (sometimes) and two busy girls. So I have about five girls I can count on to watch my girl’s so I can go hang out with my girlfriends.


Like I mentioned above, nights out with my girlfriends have become a priority. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really nice to stay home in my jammies and catch up on Netflix, but spending time with my friends is good for the soul.


Working out is a huge stress reliever for me.  I look forward to spending an hour at the gym listening to music and getting my heart rate up.

And I also enjoy working out with friends…


For the past year and a half, I’ve been setting aside one hour a month so I could go to my favorite nail salon and get my nails done.  I get NexGen nails (aka the most amazing nail product) and I love that I don’t have to paint my nails every week.


When the weather is nice I enjoy sitting outside and relaxing with a cup of tea. Sometimes, I read a book, and other times I listen to music.  Whatever I decide to do, it’s simply nice to sit outside and enjoy my time alone.

Just remember, it’s so important to take a few minutes out of each day for yourself.  Whether you use an app to meditate or go to the gym – take time to take care of yourself!

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