How To Have A Great Stitch Fix Experience

I’ve been working for Stitch Fix for almost six months and during the past few months I’ve been taking notes on “How To Have A Great Stitch Fix Experience.”   I was a client before I started working for Stitch Fix, so I know from the customer’s perspective everyone wants to love the clothes they receive in their Fix.   Today I’m sharing some things you could do to help make sure your stylist knows what you’d like to have in your Fix.

First, if you’ve not signed up for Stitch Fix CLICK HERE!  Now that you are signed up make sure you take several minutes completing your profile.

When we’re styling clients we can see all of the important things like sizes, height, weight, style preferences, etc… However, I love when clients upload a picture of themselves.  FYI, you can only upload a picture if you have an iPhone.  If you have an iPhone download the Stitch Fix app and add a “Profile Photo” to your account.

If you don’t have an iPhone make sure that you add a link to your Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram accounts.  Also when you are linking those accounts try to actually have a picture of yourself in the “Profile Picture”

Now let’s talk about your Pinterest account and why it’s so important.  If you don’t have a Pinterest account create one, and if you already have one make sure you update your page with my tips.

First, make sure you have a “Stitch Fix” board.  It really helps when a client has a board completely devoted to Stitch Fix.  I use to leave comments below each Pin telling my stylist what I liked about each Pin.

Pinterest 1

Once you have a Stitch Fix board go to Stitch Fix’s Pinterest board…


and Pin items from their board to your board…


Your board should look like this… All Stitch Fix pieces.


This is super cute board but these pins are not Stitch Fix clothing items.  These pins are great when it comes to knowing what styles you like.  However, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll receive these exact items in a Fix.


And PLEASE don’t pin your favorite nail polish or hairstyles on your Stitch Fix board.


Once you’ve created the perfect Pinterest board and you’re happy with your style profile – Schedule your Fix!

When you schedule your Fix you have the opportunity to tell your stylist what you’d like to receive in your Fix.  I know this could be hard, however, it’s so helpful.  When I have a client tell me exactly what they’re looking for, ie, a blazer, vest, long sleeve top, denim, etc… it really helps me “shop” for them. Let’s be honest most people that schedule a Fix always have something they’d like to have, so just tell your stylist. NOW I’ll be honest there are a lot of times that we can’t fulfill all of your requests but we try.  I always do my best to find exactly what my client has asked for but if I can’t I’ll explain why I didn’t send certain items to them in their note.

After your Fix has been styled and has arrived at your house, have fun trying on your new clothes.  Now that you’ve tried on each piece it’s time to check out.  When you are checking out this is your time to tell your stylist what you think of each piece.  When I first started working for Stitch Fix I hated to read my feedback because some ladies were really HARSH!  I love honest and constructive feedback.  However, when someone does not have a Pinterest board, a picture, or requests and then proceeds to tell you everything wrong with the style, color, fit, etc…it makes it really hard to read.

Finally, just remember Stitch Fix is a great opportunity for someone else to shop for you, and also a chance for you to try new styles that you’d normally not buy for yourself.  So be openminded, have fun, and try to build a relationship with your stylist.  PS – if you like your stylist always put in your notes that you want the same stylist!!

Now go schedule your first FIX!!  CLICK HERE

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  1. This is so interesting!! I just commented back on my blog that I didn’t know you got fixes, and now I’m basically face palming because I DO remember that you’ve mentioned numerous times that you work for them! Sheesh! I don’t know why I didn’t originally remember that! I can see how having a picture really helps stylists. PS: I am so thrilled with how the men’s services have been so far for my dad and husband. I would think as a stylist it would be hard to do the mens boxes, but they’ve all been exceptional!

    • I totally agree with you about styling men! A few of my friends style men but I will stick with styling women. And I think a picture of a client is the more helpful than a pinterest board.

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