What’s Up Wednesday 

It’s the last Wednesday of the month and that means one thing, it’s time for this month’s edition of my favorite linkup – What’s Up Wednesday.  

What we’re eating this week:

Sunday: Pizza
Monday: Chick Fil A
Tuesday: Soup and Sandwiches
Wednesday: dinner out with friends 
Thursday: Chalupas
Friday: Instant Pot Fettucine Alfredo
Saturday: Family Night

What I’m reminiscing about:

I have finally started to update my blog post that still have the “Photobucket” image.  So I have been going through A LOT of pictures.  So I’m reminiscing about our vacation to Disney…

What I’m loving: 

I am loving that Spring Sports will start this weekend!  We will kickoff our soccer and softball season this Saturday.

What we’ve been up to:

This past Saturday we spent almost five hours watching Kate play volleyball!  So proud of Kate and her volleyball team for getting 1st place for her division and 2nd in the tournament today. They played so hard all year earned it.

After her game, we went back to Nebraska Furniture Mart and found another mattress!  We decided to return the mattress we bought earlier this month because it’s horrible!  We’ve been mattress shopping for the past two months and I hope this new mattress will be the perfect one!

What I’m working on:

I’m in the process of organizing all of our pictures on our computer.  We have over 13,000 (46 GB) pictures on our computer!  Once I’ve organized all of the pictures I’ll be moving them over to our external hard drive and then on to a cloud-based storage program.

What I’m excited about:  

I am excited that we are just 9 days away from Spring Break and 14 days away from our trip to New York!!!

What I’m watching: 

I’m loving this season of The Voice – #teamkelly

Related image

I just finished watching the first season of Grace and Frankie

Image result for grace and frankie

and I’m thinking about binge-watching Big Little Lies.  Has anyone watched this show??

Image result for big little lies

What I’m listening to: 

We recently watched the new Disney movie – Zombies.  And every time we get in the car we have this soundtrack on repeat.

Image result for the zombie movie soundtrack

What I’m wearing:

I bought some cute new workout tops and bottoms from Old Navy.  I love them!!

And I’m loving my clothes from my last two Stitch Fixes… Stitch Fix 14 and Stitch Fix 15


What I’m doing this weekend: 

I’ll be hanging out at the softball fields and soccer fields.

What I’m looking forward to next month:  

Spring Break!!!

Image result for spring break 2018

New York City!!!



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  1. Gosh there is a lot in this post for a new reader like me! Happy impending birthday – how great having NYNY to look forward to! 🙂 Love your navy dress – utterly classic! I have also been thinking of binge watching Big Little Lies – haven’t seen any yet but everyone recommends it (some people have said the ending is disappointing but I’d rather decide for myself!) – just waiting for it to come up on Netflix / Amazon.. Keep us posted on your birthday week! ALl the Best – Joanne x

  2. I LOVE all of your outfits! I also love that you are all so close to Spring Break. And NY!!!! I have wanted to watch Big Little Lies…let me know if you like it! That photo organizing is a PROJECT. I love that you have so many pictures. Happy Wednesday!

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