Friday Favorites – Beauty Edition

Happy Friday!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty products.

A couple of weeks ago when I was with my girls at Muffins With Mom, a sweet little girl made a comment about the bags under my eyes.  Ugh!! I love that kids are so honest but at the same time, I hate that my bags are so noticeable!

I’ve been using this product from L’oreal.  I had run out about three weeks ago and therefore I had puffy eyes when I showed up to muffins with mom.  I immediately went to Wal-Mart and bought a new container.

While I was there I bought this eye mask from Masqueology.  I love this product!

I’m a sucker for a mask so I tried this clay face mask.  I loved the way my face felt afterward.

My makeup routine looks like a kid in junior high!

So I went over to my friend’s house and asked her what I can do to help hide my bags under my eyes.  She told me I needed a really good concealer. I decided to buy this Tarte concealer from Sephora.

She also said that every girl needs to wear a highlighter!  I’ve been wearing both of these products for a week and I’m hooked!

I also decided I needed to up my eye makeup game.  I watched a few youtube videos so that I can learn some new ways to put on eyeshadow.

Before I continue let me just say after watching several videos…

#1 I’m shocked how long it takes people to put their makeup on!  I can put my makeup on in less than 5 mins.  This busy momma cannot spend 30 mins a day doing her makeup.

#2 How many makeup brushes do I really need??? These girls have a crap load of brushes!

#3 Finally, I discovered my makeup routine is very sad and boring!

Moving on…I bought this new eyeshadow from Maybelline and TWO brushes.  I then put on my eye makeup while watching the video designed for this product.

After two weeks of trying new products, I’m am very happy with how my makeup turned out yesterday morning.   I may not be the next youtube makeup star but I’ve learned a lot and plan to keep trying new things.

What’s your favorite beauty product??  How many makeup brushes do you own??

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Come back on Monday for my Weekend Recap!!

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  1. Ok, first of all, I have NEVER noticed bags under your eyes! I love how your makeup turned out, looks awesome! And I’m with ya, I have about 7 minutes to finish my hair and makeup lol.

  2. This was so fun, no wonder you’re so beautiful..great products! I want to try the Tarte and the smokey nudes. Have a great weekend!

  3. You are beautiful!!! Love your blog and think u always look/dress so pretty. I found a blog lately called chemistrycachet and she features affordable, natural products u can buy on Amazon. I tried the under eye gel and see a big difference. I’m like u and am makeup ready in 5!

    • I need to check her blog out! I am really thinking about switching to a lot of all natural products. First up is trying sulfate free hair products.

  4. This was a really great post! Really practical and relatable – hey you said about your makeup being similar to Junior High – I think I learned mine from my Barbie annual circa 1998. The makeup you’ve done is really fresh and natural – looking forward to more of your posts :). I daren’t watch any of those youtube videos – I am too scared it will be too complex! I’ll pick up tips through you instead!! Best Wishes – Joanne x

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