New York City Vacation – Day 3

How do you start your last full day in New York City??  With breakfast at Sarabeth’s!!  I love this restaurant and I was so excited to share this place with my mom and girls.

After our yummy breakfast, we headed to the Central Park Zoo.  This is one place that I’ve always wanted to go and I’m so glad we had time!

I loved walking into the aviary exhibit.

The birds were just walking around and we could get so close to them!

Thankfully all of the animals were out!

It took us about one hour to walk through this zoo!  This was great because we were meeting Danny back at our hotel so that he could join us for the rest of the afternoon.

Our next stop was the American Museum of Natural History.  The girls were so excited to see all of the dinosaur exhibits!  This was my second time to see this museum and we saw things this time around that we did not see last time.

We were all starving when we left the museum so we decided that we wanted some really good Chinese food.  We hopped onto the subway for a 30-minute ride down to Chinatown.

To kill time on the train Abigail and I took a few selfies!  HAHAHA!!

Once we arrived in Chinatown we were shocked to see all of the items being sold on the street.

This is a bunch of different types of dried fish.

Then we saw a bunch of dried shrimp for sale…

and of course, there were ducks, chickens and some other meats hanging in windows.

And ALOT of fresh fish!!

Finally, it was time for dinner! I’ve never had hot and sour soup and thought this was the perfect place to try it.  It was so good.

These potstickers were out of this world!!!

Chinatown was so much fun!  I’m so glad we had time to walk around and eat some yummy food.

With full tummies, we headed back to our hotel.

Goodnight New York City!!

This trip was amazing!! I am so glad that I was able to take the girls and my mom to see my favorite city.  We made so many great memories and I wish I could go back today!

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