10 on the 10th – What’s in my car??

I keep my car fairly clean, so when I saw this month’s topic I thought there is no way that I’ll be able to find 10 different things that I keep in my car.  However, I was able to find 10 items to share today.


I typically have my coffee cup in my car…


Since I started spin class I keep my gel seat in the car so that way I’m always prepared.


No clue why I have three pairs of sunglasses in my car!


I also had three sets of headphones…always prepared.


of course, we have to have DVDs


Danny bought the girls this fun gaming system for the car. They can play old school Nintendo games!

The last four officially make me a softball/sports mom…


The girls batting bags…


chairs for the fields


Batting stand


Water bottles everywhere!

One extra thing that I’ll be keeping in my car is INSTANT ICE PACKS and a first aid kit!  After last weeks softball game, we determined that we need to keep ice packs on hand at all times!


I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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  1. It’s so interesting to see what everyone keeps in their cars! The back end of mine looks a lot like yours with all the Softball equipment =)

    • Thanks! I hate that we live out of car during the spring and fall but it is life!! During the summer it will have pool toys! Woohoo for warmer weather.

  2. So beyond obsessed that you carry your own gel seats for spin class. Those seats at the gym are horrible, and I just cannot stop thinking about all the germs. What a genius idea!

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