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Hooray we’ve finally made it to Friday.   We have 8 weeks left of school and I think we’ve checked out and are ready for summer!  This also means we have a little over 8 weeks until our family vacation and I’m ready for some R&R.   Before we get our weekend started I wanted to share some of my favorites from this past week.


The weather has been amazing this week!!! I actually had time to lay out and get some much needed Vitamin D.

However, this weekend we go back to winter temps! I’m so over this crazy Texas weather.

This meme is perfect for Texas…


A couple of weeks ago Abigail picked out these Oreo Thin Bites, and they’re the perfect snack that I can eat and not feel guilty.

We liked them so much, we wanted to try the other flavors too. This flavor was just as good.


Most of you know I’m a sucker for a good mask treatment.  Yesterday I tried this hair mask treatment.  My hair was a little dry but after I used this treatment my hair looked and felt amazing! It really brought out my hair color too!

I also used this serum before I dried my hair and I think it also helped.


Wal-Mart has stepped up their game in their shoe department. Let’s just be honest I spend way too much time in Wal-Mart. Moving on, I have a bad case of spring fever and I couldn’t resist buying several pairs of new cute sandals for me and the girls.


Finally, I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook and so many commented on their experience with these books.  Kate has almost finished reading the first book and we’ve had some great conversations.  Danny and I read the book first and we were very impressed with how it explains everything in a way that she can understand it. She has been reading it every night and we then talk about it the next morning or when she gets home from school.  I think that I’ll hold off on the second book until later next year because it is a little more in-depth then she needs at this time.

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Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

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  1. I had that book with all three of my girls. 2 of them were very receptive, asked a lot of questions, but my middle daughter was MORTIFIED!! She literally covered her face with a pillow while we read it, lol!!!!

  2. YES! Walmart is doing well with their new lines for sure. I’m also a Walmart girl so bring it on massive Arkansas retailer! JEALOUS of you getting sun time – my plan today is to rest my foot on the deck in the 78 degree sunshine. (After Starbucks and errands…) Those books are fabulous for helping navigate the world of puberty. I gave them to my C last year and had her read them on her own (to ease any shock) and then when she had questions we would dive into them. Since I taught health in a previous life it wasn’t so hard when the big questions came up. I treated her like a student and gave her the facts and we have done well with it thus far! These girls grow up FAST! I hope your weekend is just as pretty as you are!xoxoxo Amanda @

  3. I totally agree with you about Walmart’s sandals! I was in there the other day and wanted to buy so many pairs!
    And the AG books are perfect for girls. Like I mentioned on IG, we got these for Emma and honestly they explain things better than I would have. Of course we chatted about it all, but these books were literally a life saver. Sometimes she would get a bit embarrassed reading them, but that’s life =)

    • I totally agree about the embarrassment stage! But I think she is finally okay with talking openly with me and her dad, which is a huge deal. I just want her to be comfortable talking to us. And girl go buy those shoes!

    • The book is great! She will probably finish it today and has asked some really great questions. I am just glad she got past the embarrassed stage when we talked about what a “period” is! LOL!

  4. Words can’t express how jealous I am of your wintery temps in Texas! I would kill for 60 degrees right now lol. We had an ice storm this weekend and are getting more snow tonight 🙁
    Wal-Mart has REALLY stepped up their shoe game and their athletic clothing is really up and coming too! I found the cutest capris there last week!

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