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I’m so happy that it’s finally Friday! Grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy this week’s edition of my Friday Favorites.


I love The Holderness Family videos!  Their newest video sums up our life this month…

We are finally in the home stretch and have 4.5 weeks left of school.   I love all of the end of year activities but our calendar is jammed packed!


Danny and I’ve decided that this year we are going to try to go to as many concerts as we can.  Two weeks ago we had a date night in downtown Dallas and enjoyed a nice mini-staycation.  We had dinner at the Iron Cactus and then headed over to the club for the concert.

This weekend we will be heading to another concert.  I’m a teeny bopper at heart and I’m so excited to see these groups perform.


 Yesterday I posted my 17th Stitch Fix review, and I also received my most recent Fix!!!

This Fix had three pieces that I’d call unicorns because I’ve never seen these available for any of my clients.  Here is a sneak peek at one of my pieces!!! I love this blazer so much.


We’ve been looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof, so of course, I went to Amazon and found this awesome speaker for only $40.  Best purchase this week!!!


 Here are a few random favorites from this week…

When you are having a good hair day you have to take a selfie, right?

When I saw this I just knew that I had to send it to my girlfriends this week…

My friend sent me this meme and totally sums up my week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

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13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Life Lately

    • Life. Love. Reality.

      Thanks!! I just got an email that the concert has been postponed 😭😭 but now we can go to our neighborhood Cinco De Mayo party.

  1. johannahsirois

    I love the meme about tracking food! How true! ha!! What a bummer the concert is postponed! I hope you guys still enjoy your weekend!

    • Life. Love. Reality.

      Sad news is that we can’t go to the new date of the concert, BOO! Oh well time to find another concert. Have a great weekend.

    • Life. Love. Reality.

      Thanks for stopping by! I workout because I love to eat so that meme is totally me! Have a great weekend!

    • Life. Love. Reality.

      Sadly we found out this morning the concert is postponed!! Now we will be heading out to a Kentucky Derby/Cinco De Mayo party (what a crazy comb)! Have a great weekend.

  2. That was totally me with the pizza rolls this week!! Ugh I don’t know which I love more that sassy hair or the jeep in the background…I’ve always wanted one so bad. 🙂 And that blazer is SO CUTE!

  3. That’s the best hair ever! You look fabulous in that blazer. Jealous of your concert goals!!! I haven’t been to one in 12 years…ugh!

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