Happy 4th Of July

I always look forward to the Fourth Of July every year! This year was a little different than years in the past however we still had fun and made some great memories. 

We started the morning off with our annual hometown parade…

I love our yearly 4th of July picture…

I was comparing last year picture to this years picture and I couldn’t believe how much the girls have grown. 

Instead of throwing our annual party we decided that we’d just spend the day as a family! It was so nice!!! We just hung out at home and watched TV and swam. I love parties but sometimes it’s nice to just relax. 

Before we headed to the fireworks show we went to a local restaurant and Kate snapped this great picture…

Now time for the fireworks show 

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  1. I agree with it being nice to have a relaxing low key day rather than a crazy day! I’m glad that you all had a great day no matter what =) Also the picture that Kate took of you guys, SO good!!! Have a great Thursday!

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