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Woohoo, it’s finally Friday!! This summer is flying by so fast. We only have three weeks left before school starts!!  We’ve been very busy this summer but all of that changed two weeks ago today. You can find out more about my Life Changing Moment HERE. I’m still working on the Week One Update and I hope to post it Monday. Until then I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the past couple of weeks.


While my parents were staying at our house our coffee maker stopped working.  So my amazing parents bought us a new Keurig!


I’m truly blessed to have some amazing friends that have sent us beautiful flowers, have chauffeured me to and from appointments, have provided and will keep providing us with some yummy dinners, 

and I even received this comfy cardigan that is perfect for when I’m relaxing at home or waiting in a doctor’s office. 


I’ve always wanted to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride and I can finally check that item off of my bucket list. Thursday morning Danny and I watched the sunrise from 3000 ft above the ground. It was so amazing!! We are already talking about going on another ride soon. 


The doctors told me that I have to take it easy, so I’ve been doing a lot of sitting on the couch!!  However, this week the girls are going to VBS at night, and Danny and I were able to have a date night! It was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy dinner with friends. 

Thank you for dropping by today.  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.  Don’t forget to come back on Monday to check out my Week One Update.

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  1. Oh, that hot air balloon ride looks amazing! Although my hands were sweating just reading this, HA!! I’ve been praying for you mama!

  2. That hot air balloon ride looks amazing! I’m not a huge fan of heights so it’s not on MY list but I do love looking at the balloons and all their pretty colors.

    • It was such an amazing experience and I was surprised that I was not scared. I am usually scared of heights but I never really noticed it. Crazy!

  3. When I had my wreck in the spring and was laid up I was so afraid I would get depressed. I was sitting around and due to the face breaks I had some vision problems that were annoying (I can only imagine what it’s like to be in your situation though.) As I was sitting there I started just sobbing one day because (and I think you can totally relate…) I’m an active person! I never sit. I am always in motion and doing something whether it be work, working out, doing the mom thing, etc. Then it hit me – I needed to slow down and God knew how to get my attention to tell me. I share this with you because sometimes we get “knocked down” so we can chill out and see the amazing stuff He is doing that maybe we haven’t noticed. Keep resting, keep healing! You are loved! xo

  4. Yay for date night! It sounds like it came at the perfect time. That hot air balloon ride to watch the sun rise sounds amazing. I love that picture of you in front of the balloon. You look amazing! Friends are such a blessing and I am glad you have a great group to provide support. That was also so nice of your parents! Happy Friday Jessica!

    • Thanks! After everything that has happened I have realized that we need to make the most of every day because we never know what can happen.

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