First Day of School – 2018-2019


My best friend’s name is: Charlotte 

My favorite thing to play: monopoly 

My favorite color: indigo 

My favorite book: All the Stars in the Sky

My favorite TV show: Alexa and Katie

My favorite food: chicken tenders

When I grow up, I want to: a teacher with a PhD

Something I really like: playing volleyball 

Something I really don’t like: playing soccer

My favorite thing about myself: that I am kind and unique

Something I want to do this year: go to Colorado


My best friend’s name is: Madison 

My favorite thing to play: soccer

My favorite color: neon pink

My favorite book: Last Kids on Earth

My favorite TV show: Tiny House

My favorite food: broccoli 

When I grow up, I want to: architect and professional soccer player

Something I really like: playing soccer

Something I really don’t like: gymnastics 

My favorite thing about myself: that I am really athletic 

Something I want to do this year: do good in the spelling bee


 After we dropped the girls off, Danny and I went to our favorite breakfast place and enjoyed a peaceful breakfast. 


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  1. I LOVE this! A teacher with a PHD! YES! Get it girl. And an architect and soccer player. I love those dreams. I love that you and Danny went out to breakfast afterwards. Happy school year!

    • I know!! I thought that Kate’s dream job was awesome! And Abigail has already started to plan the house she will build for my mom!

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