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This week has been a long week in our household! However, today I plan to disinfect our house from top to bottom and pray that next week will be better. Before I start cleaning I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the past few week. 


I always look forward to my hair day! This month I decided to do half blonde and half brown.  I thought I would like it but I am headed back to my hair girl next week to go all blonde.  As for the cut, I always struggle with the decision to either cut my hair or let it grow out. However, I don’t have the patience to grow my hair out.  I have tossed the idea around about getting hair extensions but I don’t know enough about them. Has anyone ever had hair extensions?


Last week we met up with our fabulous photographer for our Fall family pictures.  I snapped a few pictures while we were waiting…

I can’t wait to see this one from her camera.


I have had a lot of free time since I am no longer working for Stitch Fix. So I finally had time to work on some projects that I have been wanting to do.

Here are the finished projects…

Up next I made a cute Halloween wreath for my friend.


This past weekend my mother in law was in town and she helped me tackle a lot of projects around the house.  I was able to organize several cabinets in our kitchen.

And I dropped off 7 bags of clothes and 4 boxes of kitchen items at Goodwill yesterday.


I love field trips. I am so glad that I was able to go with Abigail and her class to the Dallas Art Museum.  I love this museum and loved being able to show Abigail some great pieces of art.


Now I am headed to meet my girlfriends at the movie theater. We are seeing A Star is Born. I was told that I better wear waterproof mascara but the movie is really good. I can’t wait!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Ohhh what a great list of favorites. I have never tried extensions, but I agree, it is so hard to wait for your hair to grow out if you want to grow it. I love hair day! I hope the movie was good. It looks so good. I love all of your crafts that you do and those tee’s are super cute. I need to get my clean on! Have a great weekend Jessica!

    • I would love extensions but let’s be honest I am to cheap to do it! I would rather buy new clothes than put extensions in. Also the movie was amazing!!! I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack.

  2. Your haircut 😍😍😍 Also I have to get all the bags of clothes dropped off @ Goodwill too! Eek..tell me how the movie is. I’ve heard incredible things about it, and I just love Gaga’s voice!!

  3. You know you look awesome with your sassy short hair! My roommate had extensions (obviously this was well over a decade ago) and they were work. I say – BE YOU! You’re too pretty to want glued in hair LOL! Girl…who are you? This girl right here took her kitchen apart one afternoon this week too! I ended up parting with a lot of plastic and a Keurig. I also ended up going through a closet. If we were neighbors we would be a force of nature. C has a field trip next week and I am excited to attend because, well, I have been wanting to go back to the zoo and it just so happens…its the zoo! I wish you an amazing weekend – I hope to see that movie next week! xo

  4. So, you hair is fabulous. I had extensions for a couple months and I can tell you all about them if you want. But love your short hair, so sassy and fits your face well. Do you Cricut? I want one so badly. What do you recommend for one? Was it hard to learn to use?

    • Thanks!! I do love having short hair but I have my days when i miss my long hair 🙁
      I have a silhouette Cameo 3 and love it! I bought it on Amazon…the best price. I have taught myself how to use it by watching a lot of you tube tutorials. There is more that I want to learn and now that I have time I am going to try a few new things.

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