A Day In Our Life – October Edition 

I love reading everyone’s “Day in the Life” post because it’s so fun to get a glimpse into other peoples lives. I always have good intentions of doing these post but I forget halfway through the day and stop taking pictures 🤦‍♀️ However, last Thursday I thought it would be the perfect day to capture our day. So I hope you enjoy a brief look into our crazy life.

Good morning world! We wake up at 6:30 am during the week.

After breakfast we have to take care of the dogs.

And Abigail grabbed her book to read a few pages before school.

The girls have to get to school super early on Thursdays for Honor Choir practice.

I was off to the gym after I dropped the girls off for school.

Another great workout done!

Since I was in a hurry after my workout I grabbed a protein shake and an apple.

And started some laundry. #ihatelaundrydays

Finally dressed and ready for the day.

I was volunteering at school so I made lunch for the girls.

I always love doing Lunch Duty.

Time to run some errands! After lunch duty I headed to JoAnns to pick up a few items for Halloween. Then I had to go by Party City to grab a fun sash for my friend’s 50th birthday party.

Then home to finally eat some lunch!! So thankful we still had some yummy chili leftover.

Since Thursday was a busy day and I needed a pick me up.

And decided it was finally time to tackle our laundry.

Finally, the girls walked in and it was time to do some homework.

Thursday night was the perfect night for homemade pizza.

And for dessert…Halloween cookies.

After dinner the girls had a little dance to perform for us.

One of our favorite Halloween traditions is craving pumpkins.

Abigail decided to free hand her design this year.

and Kate picked a black cat stencil.

The finished products…

To end the day I grabbed a glass of wine and headed to our bedroom so that I could relax and watch Grey’s Anatomy.  Perfect way to end the day.

Finally, turned off all the lights, set the alarms, and went to sleep!! 

I hope you enjoyed a look into our busy Thursday.  Have a great week!!

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  1. How fun is your day? I love that you volunteer at the school and help with lunch duty. Jessica, you look so good! I am continuing to pray for you and your family though. I hope you have a great week! Day in the life posts are my favorite to read too!

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