How to Host a Cookie Party

Seven years ago I decided to host a Christmas Cookie decorating party for our girls and their friends.  I made six dozen cookies, homemade icing, and invited 12 friends over.  We had a lot of fun decorating cookies.

First Annual Cookie Party

Since then we have hosted five more cookies parties and we are now getting ready to host our 7th Annual Cookie Party this December.  Today I wanted to share a few tips on how to host a cookie party.


First of all, the first few years I made cookies from scratch.  I used this yummy recipe I found on Pinterest.

I also made the frosting from scratch…amazing!

I will be the first to say that homemade is always better but finally, I decided for our 5th annual party I would just buy Pillsbury sugar cookies and store-bought icing. #BESTDECISIONEVER and huge time saver!


Since the kids are going to be on a sugar high I always make sure that we have some other foods to snack on.  I always make Bisquick sausage balls and they are a huge hit!  I also have a healthy fruit snack.


I buy LOTS of sprinkles and have realized that after the party I will need to vacuum and mop up a huge mess.  However, I am totally okay with that because that means all of the kids had fun decorating cookies.  I also buy plastic covers for the tables.  These also make clean up very easy.


One year I had baked all of the cookies, made all of the frostings, and was ready for the party.  Then life threw us a curve ball.  I took Abigail to the doctor’s office and she had strep throat!  The next day I went into my doctor’s office and guess what I had strep too!  So I had to cancel our party!  I was so sad but we did not want to share our germs with all of our friends.  Since I had 6 dozen cookies sitting on our counter I had to figure out what do with them.  Once we were all feeling better, we decorated cookies and dropped them off at all of our friend’s houses.



One year we had a pajama party theme.


Another year was festive Holiday attire…


This year we’re having an Ugly Sweater Party and we’re giving back to our community.  I thought that since the girls are getting older (4th and 5th grade) we would add a community service component to our party.  We will be collecting spaghetti noodles and canned pasta sauce for a local food pantry.

Finally…HAVE FUN!!

I hope you put a hosting a cookie party on your holiday to-do list!



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