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This week has flown by so fast!! We have 18 days until Christmas and 24 days left in 2018!!! I am so ready for 2019! I know that our girls are counting down the days until Christmas break (just two more weeks). Before I head out to finish up my Christmas shopping I’m linking up with the normal Friday crew to share my favorites from this week.  


Our elves have returned!! The girls were so excited to see them this past weekend. 

The also brought some popcorn and hot chocolate for our family movie night this week.

We watched The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix!! It is was so good! If you have Netflix you and your family must watch it. 


After taking a break from working,  I’ve finally started working again this week. I’m not working full time but doing contract work with my old Head Start job. It’s so nice to be doing something that I love to do and see familiar faces.


I am loving my new haircut and color!! My hair girl always knows exactly what to do to my hair. 

I love these hairstyles…so I asked my hair stylist to show me how to do it.  She made it look so easy! So fingers crossed I can do it on my own! I’m going to try today.  


I am a sucker for all of the seasonal coffee creamers. I saw this one and had to try it. It is the perfect addition to my morning coffee. 


I finally started to wrap presents this week. I hate wrapping presents and I’d totally pay someone else to wrap them.  I always wait until the last minute to start wrapping presents but I hope this year I’ll have everything done by next weekend. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I would come wrap your presents for you! I love wrapping. Also, your hair looks so good. I am glad that you had a great week back at work, that is great that you get to do contract work. I love the movie night from your elves. Happy weekend!

  2. Love love love your hair!! It makes me want to chop mine off again. I use a curling wand for that look and find it easier than using the straightener.

  3. I will have to check out the Christmas Chronicles…we need a good family movie night. I always think your hair is super cute. I actually have an appt with someone new today and the pictures you have shown are very similar to the ones I have saved. Happy Friday!

  4. The Christmas Chronicles is saved for us to watch this weekend! I’m glad to hear it was good! You’re on top of it with the gift wrapping – I should really get on that too! Have a wonderful weekend!

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