Friday Five – Top Five Post of 2018

Every year it is always fun to look back at all of the post from that year and reminisce. So as we wrap up 2018 I wanted to share my Top Five Post of 2018.

Number Five

Week One Update…

Our summer was turned upside down on July 13th,  and this post was a great update of how we were adjusting to the new life changes.


One Month Update

From July 13th to August 13th so many things happened. It is crazy how many doctors you can see in one month and how your normal everyday life can change instantly.


Friday Favorites – Life Lately

I always look forward to posting my Friday Favorites. One of my most popular Friday posts was a random post about Life Lately (May 2018)


Stitch Fix #15 Review

Looking back at this year I had several Stitch Fix Reviews that were very popular. This Fix was definitely one of my favorites!



Life Changing Moment

Some years have memorable moments but this year we had a life changing moment. I will never forget waking up on July 13th and realizing that my life would never be the same.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

Next Friday I will be sharing my top 12 pictures from 2018!!

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  1. Jessica, I just want you to know how much I love your blog and the fact that we are friends because of blogging. I am so glad that you are entering the New Year healthy and I hope that you, Danny, and the girls all have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Jessica, I just adore following your family and am so grateful to have met you through blogging. I adore your blog and I am so happy to know that you will be entering the new year healthy. I hope that you, Danny, and the girls all have the merriest Christmas!

  3. I love your style & every single Stitch Fix post. You always pick our the cutest outfits. I love looking back at my ‘popular’ posts, and sometimes the most random days are the best. Enjoy the holidays with your beautiful family, friend! I can’t wait to read all about it. Merry Christmas

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