Christmas 2018

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was so nice to just relax and spend time as a family.  Christmas Eve service is always one of my favorite services.
After church we grabbed a quick dinner and then went to look at Christmas lights one more time.

When we got home Kate came down with the 24 hour stomach bug! Definitely not what we had planned for our Christmas vacation. Poor girl was up all night and pretty much slept beside her trash can.

The girls woke up bright and early Christmas morning.

Abigail couldn’t wait to run downstairs and see what Santa had left her…Kate was moving a little bit slower that morning.

They loved everything that Santa left them

Then it was time to open presents that were under the tree. Both girls spent their own money on presents for Danny and I. They both gave us some great presents. Abigail’s present for Danny was so perfect…a mug from one of his favorite breakfast places.

Finally both girls got phones from us – this was a huge decision for us to make and could be a blog post all on it’s on. This was the highlight of the morning! Abigail was so happy and Kate cried because she was so happy.

Overall we had an amazing Christmas!!

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  1. Oh sweet Kate! I feel her pain and got the flu Christmas Eve also. I literally spent Christmas Day finding more gifts that I hid but was too sick to remember!!! So glad you had a wonderful day despite the sickies. 😕

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