Share Your…New Year Resolutions 

For the past couple of years I’ve done New Year’s Resolutions but this year I’m going to do things a little different. 

A destination I’d like to visit: I’d love to take a “Road Trip” vacation this summer and visit the states across the South. I’d also love to go to Charleston & Savannah. So maybe we could work that into our vacation.

Something I would like to try this year: I’d like to learn more about photography. It would be alot of fun to have a photography business on the side.  Also, I’d love to become a travel agent. I love planning trips for our family and I think it would be so fun and rewarding to help others plan amazing vacations.

I need to eat more: vegetables! I need to eat at least one vegetable a day. This may sound like something that is do able, but I struggle with this!

I need to spend more time doing: menu planning and cooking at home. We eat out WAY too much!! 

I need to work harder at: being patient with Danny and the girls. 

I have never been one to plan long term goals, but when Jenna & Jen asked “where do you see yourself in five years” I started to think. Five yours from now I’ll have two girls in high school and one will be 16 and driving.  I would also like to be doing something fun like photography. I have always wanted to be a photographer but I have ADD when it comes to learning new things LOL!! I have started reading several “how to” articles, but I never put what I learned into action.  I’d especially love to become a photographer and do boudoir sessions! I believe every woman should have the opportunity to feel amazing about themselves and have pictures taken that they can give to their significant other. So if you want to be my test subject for poses, lighting, props and outfits, LET ME KNOW! 😉 Have a great Thursday! Linked up with Jenna and Jen.

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  1. I just love your family photos. I would hire you as a photographer or travel agent ANY DAY! You have been on so many great vacations. Also, I love your goals of becoming a photographer. I had no idea and that was so fun to learn. I need to be better at veggies…UGH! Ha! Thank you so much for linking up Jessica!

  2. I like how you had questions to break down your goals. I would love to visit Savannah and Charleston some day! If you want to work on photography, I recommend 52 Frames. You take and share a photo every week on a theme and it really gets your creativity going!

  3. I’m not entirely sure I could eat more veggies in a day; I tend to have a salad for lunch, one at dinner and usually a side dish of some sort of veggie for dinner too… but I really need to drink more water and eat less sugary sweets! I love this approach to “goals” for the year so much better.

  4. Come on over to my side of the world. Charleston is better than Savannah but that’s just me talking. The only plus to Savannah is you can get alcohol in to go cups. Go for your photography thing girl! Its got to be easy because there are a blue million mom photographers here with their own business. I was told all you needed is a good camera and great editing system! Do it!

    • Thanks for the advice! I really want to get to the east coast, so any types you can send me would be great.

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