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The coziest spot in my home depends on the time of the year. 

When it’s warm outside I love to be outdoors.  On a warm spring day you will find me here.

Now that we have updated our formal dining room into a lounge room, I have to say that this room has become one of my favorites to just relax in.

The chairs are so cozy!!

This room just makes me smile every time I see it! It has definitely become everyone’s favorite room to just sit down and play on devices or do homework.

I enjoy working in their too.

However, if you ask the girls they would say laying on our couches with all of their blankets and stuffed animals is the coziest place in our house.

Today is Kate’s 11th birthday…check out her birthday post here (the post will be live at 8 am central).

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  1. Happy Birthday Kate. Jessica, your home is so beautiful. I love your patio and I love the formal living area. That rug is so cute! I wish I had those outdoor couches and chairs, they look so comfy! I hope you have a great day!

  2. All of those look like fabulous spots to relax! I honestly didn’t even think of other times of the year. My favorite spot in summer is on our back right by the water.

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