10 on the 10th – Vacations 

This year I decided that it would be fun to a post on the 10th of each month talking about everything from birthday parties, recipes,  workouts, etc.  To kick off this topic I am going to share 10 vacations that we have taken and a few that I would love to take.

San Diego / Los Angeles

Our vacation to California was one of our favorite trips. We rented a car and loved traveling around the area.


Hawaii holds a special place in my heart. Danny and I went to Honolulu for our honeymoon. We had an amazing time just relaxing on the beach.

Then when we came back the girls we were able to see all of the same things we saw 15 years ago, and we were also able to go to Maui. I would love to go back again for my 40th birthday but as of right now that will have to wait.

Disney World

Disney was a trip of a lifetime! The girls were the perfect age and we had an amazing time as a family.


Words can not describe how excited I was when I had the oppourtunty to tag along with Danny on his business trip to Paris. I never thought I would have this chance and I loved every minute it. Seeing the Eifle tower in person was breath taking.

New York City HERE and HERE

I have made three trips to New York City and each time I have had the most wonderful time and made so many memories. All three times have been during the winter months, so I would love to go back during the summer time.


We had planned to spend a few days in London in 2006, but we had to cancel our trip. So when Danny had a business trip there in 2012 I knew that I had to join him. This was the first time I was able to join him on an overseas trip and it was an amazing expereince. Hopefully we will get to go back one day.


Danny had a meeting in the Phillipines so we moved some things around, called in the grandparents to watch the girls, and I joined Danny on this trip to the other side of the world. We had a 24 hour layover in Beijing and we made the most of our time.


One day I would love to get on a plane and head to Bali. If I ever make it there I may just have to stay there forever.


Danny has been to Germany several times and he always talks about how beautiful it is there. He also loves the way of life in Germany. If we could move to a country over seas I would totally pack up our family and move there.


Finally, since Danny travels for work he has seen a lot of the places that I’d love to visit. He has spent a lot of time in Boston and I’d love to join him on his next trip there. I am a huge foodie and the food in Boston sounds delicious.

I hope you enjoyed my look at my 10 vacations! Have a great Thursday!

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  1. I love that you all travel as much as you do! And the places you have been all sound so amazing!! Boston is a must! You will love it! I’ll meet you there and we’ll go to a Red Sox game together!! =)

  2. Travel is the best. I have been blessed to travel so much. I actually was on my first flight at 8 months old heading to England to see family. Fortunately my parents had applied for my passports prior to my birth (I’m a dual citizen). If you plan to take the girls to England one day let me know and I can give you a ton of recommendations for london as well as the countryside. I think if you enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and history with a little less crazy the british countryside if the way to go and really with the Holiday’s whats more picturesque??

    Also, have you ever been to the midwest? If you get the chance you should consider heading to Minneapolis to hit up the Mall of America … tons of tax free shopping, trails for walking/biking, waterparks (for the summer/winter), and skiing (in the winter).

    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    • Oh my goodness thank you for the suggestions!! I have been to Redwing, Minnesota when I was in high school and loved it. That would definitely be a great place to take our girls!

      • Please let me know if you need/want any advice on planning a Trip to Minnesota. I have a couple locations I would recommend visiting. 🙂

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