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I am so excited that it’s finally Friday!  We have had a busy week full of doctor’s appts, school, work, sports, birthdays, etc!  We are ready for the weekend, but we are still busy with sports this weekend!  We kick off our weekend with Kate’s 11th Birthday Party at the movies.  Before I get ready for her party I wanted to share a few of my favorites from this week.


I still can’t believe Kate is 11!!  We had a great day celebrating her on Wednesday.

We enjoyed our last birthday lunch with her (we can’t eat lunch with them in middle school 😭☹)

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We usually go to Cheesecake Factory for birthdays, but Kate decided she wanted to go to this Chinese Food Place…it is actually REALLY good.


These memes were my FAVORITE from this week.


This past Sunday my basketball team won their game 40 to 1!!  So proud of these girls.


I went through Substitute training in November and today was my first day as a substitute.  I raise my glass to all of the teachers out there because I am exhausted after standing on my feet for 7 hours!  I had a lot of fun and look forward to the next time I substitute.


I had a busy week on the blog.  You can check out my post here…

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I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. You had a great week! And how awesome that you are substituting! But I can imagine it’s exhausting. I love all those memes you posted. Hilarious! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love that you are subbing! Yay and what a blessing! We have a major sub shortage here. I hope it was a good day and I am excited to hear you how you like it. Also, I bet your girls love seeing you at school. Oh Middle School, I am trying to hang on to this last year of elementary school. I hope you have a great weekend celebrating Kate!

  3. Substitute teaching is the best! I did that full time for years. We’re having a little party for my son today who turns 13 soon.. 13?! And I totally agree with that Jackie Chan quote– anyone who wants to can totally pay my bills!

    • Amen!! I would let anyone pay may bills now that I have seen how much we spent on Christmas! Ugh!! I hope your son has a great birthday!

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