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I’ve spent a lot of time over the past six months reflecting on how we spend our time and the decisions we’ve made over the years, and let me be the first to say that we need to slow down and reevaluate our life. This past weekend, as we were driving home, Danny made a comment about a scenic overlook and how it also correlates to our life. 

We have all seen the scenic overlook signs on the road that tell us that we should stop and see the beautiful view. However, we have these signs in our life too. Most of the time we pass right by these “signs” just like we don’t stop on the road and there are several reasons why we don’t stop. Sometimes, we don’t stop because we’re in a hurry. Sometimes, we don’t care to see the view, or maybe we just don’t see the sign at all because we are focused on road ahead.  All three of these reasons correlate to our life.  SLOW DOWN I know that life can be so hectic with all of the activities we have going on with our kids or our social lives. Sometimes I feel like I am an unpaid Uber driver taking my kids too and from school, sport practices, and play dates. This past fall we realized our girls had a lot going on so we pulled them out of one activity.  Surprisingly, this really helped our weekly schedule.  Who knew?! Lol. We also decided to only do one sport at a time. Also a great decision! I really feel like we have had more time as a family during the week and the girls have had more time to complete homework.  IGNORING THE SIGN  I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason. In 2005, Danny and I packed up our house and moved to Houston for new jobs. I was sad to move, but I knew it was for a reason and God would show us the way.  We stayed in Houston for nine months and just how God opened all the doors for us to move there, he closed them and opened every door for us to move back to McKinney.  Looking back, if we would have ignored these signs we would not be where we are now, meaning the job Danny has, the friendships we have, and the life we have built here.  Recently, we have been seeing a lot of signs that change may be in our future, but we don’t know what it is. But just like the times in our life before, we are not ignoring these signs, but rather taking the time to stop and “look” to see what the view is at this “scenic overlook” along our path. DON’T PASS UP THE VIEW We all get busy and only focus on the task ahead of us. Sometimes this is okay because the task needs to be completed. However, when you become focused on one thing you miss the little things going on around you. It is so easy to have tunnel vision when it comes to life, but it is so important to stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively.  Everyday tasks can drain you and take a toll on your mental state and your health.  Even if you take just two minutes to stop and enjoy the “view” (aka life), do it because one day you will look back and regret that you were so focused on the future and didn’t take the time to just sit and enjoy life! Don’t believe me? Just look at any picture of your kids or your spouse from the past and see if you don’t get sentimental of how cute they were, or how young everyone looked. Those babies, toddlers, young kids, teenagers or even adults still want your time and love just as much today as before. Live in the moment and enjoy the view.

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  1. OH so true! We turned to a much slower way of life a few years ago when we began homeschooling. It’s amazing how much less running around we do now; mostly because we stop and think before we say “yes” or sign up for anything.

    • Thanks! I really need to stop saying yes to everyone and everything! I am a pleaser and do not want to let people down.

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