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So excited that we’ve finally made it to Friday! This weekend we have games, date nights, sleep overs, and a Super Bowl Party. Before we kick off our weekend I’m linking up with the usual Friday crowd to share a few of my favorites from this week.


For the past five years, I’ve shared a daily picture on Instagram. I loved sharing these pictures but I needed a break! So for the month of January I’ve been on and off Instagram but I decided that today I’ll start sharing pictures again. So you can follow along HERE -@life_love_and_reality – #thewhitefamily2019


Abigail has finally picked up the reading bug! Everytime I turn around she is reading a book. Our school encourages the kids to read Bluebonnt Books. Once they have read five books and answered questions about each book they are invited to a Blueboonet breakfast.


Yesterday was class picture day. I just told the girls to look nice for the pictures and they both came down in dresses! Hopefully they smiled pretty for the pictures.


I have had a lot of fun celebrating my best friend’s birthday! Last week we went to The House Of Blues for the Chippendales show. There were a lot of screaming ladies there, and we might have had some fun too.

And then this week we all went out for a girl’s lunch. I really do love doing life with all of these ladies.


Finally, yesterday morning we received a text message from a friend stating that they had two extra tickets to a concert at the House of Blues. Thankfully one of our favorite babysitters was able to watch the girls. I love impromptu date nights!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

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  1. Impromptu date nights are some of the best. What a fun time. I have been off of my Instagram a lot this month too…I need to get back to posting regularly. I can’t wait to follow along with your year! Happy Friday Jessica!

  2. Oh how fun is this list!! Your girls looked adorable for their pictures, and yes…heck yes, to an impromptu date night!

  3. I remember Bluebonnet books! I look forward to my little guy getting to do that in a few years! Hope your social media break was refreshing for you! Happy Weekend!

  4. That’s so exciting that your daughter is starting to really love to read. I remember all the fun reading contests there were at the elementary school I went to, like Book It. I loved Book It. If you read a certain number of books then you would get free coupons to Pizza Hut.

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