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Today I am sharing the loves of my life. The best way to start this post is with a picture of my wonderful family.

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And of course Danny’s family…

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My friends are a huge part of my life! The older I get the harder it is to find a good group of friends. I hate fake people so I want to spend time with people that are genuine and value friendships.

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My beautiful family means the world to me!!

Most people don’t know that before we had kids we had two fur babies – Maggie is 15.5 yrs old and Jack is 14 yrs old.

Finally, the one person that means the world to me and completes me – DANNY. When we meet 19 years ago I knew that we were meant to be. I am so happy that I get to do life with him. I love him so much.

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  1. Y’all are so cute! I love what you said about fake people..i’ve been through it big with “friends,” but thank goodness for those people who are just incredible & genuine! Loved all the pictures.

    • Girl this past year has been a huge growing year with friends. I have lost some friends and gained some amazing friends. I truly believe we all have our seasons with friends. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Wow, your girls look so much like their cousins in that first picture! I agree that friendships in adulthood definitely have their challenges but when you find some good ones…life is so much more fun!

  3. Jessica, I have so much to say…first of all, I loved learning more about your family and I loved the pictures of your family and Danny’s family. It is crazy to me how much your girls and the cousins look the same! Wow! Second, I agree so much about friendships. Genuine friendships with genuine people are worth their weight in gold. I love that you and Danny have known each other so long. What a beautiful family you have and what a great group of friends!

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