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Happy Friday! So excited that we’ve finally made it through this week. All of the kids in our school are dropping like flies thanks to the flu and strep! We’re doing everything we can to stay healthy in our home. However, this crazy weather in Texas is not helping! It was almost 80 degrees on Monday and yesterday it was 35 degrees!! These memes are perfect for this crazy Texas weather.

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We have a laid back weekend planned. So before we sit back and enjoy some family time, I am linking up with the Friday crew to share a few of my favorites from this week.


We had a blast cheering for the Patriots this past Sunday! The only reason I go to Super Bowl parties is to socialize and the food! Hahaha!


Kate had her yearly check up this week and I was shocked that she has grown 3 inches in a year! She also had to get two vaccines and she didn’t even cry! Her reward for not crying was ice cream.


This week was hair week and I went alittle crazy. I chopped my hair shorter than I have ever done before!! After the shock wore off I really love the cut and color.

My hair is so short that you can see my tattoo…


I have been trying hard to watch what I’ve been eating. I have been craving sweets so my friend suggested that I try the Dark Chocolate Silk Almond Milk. OMG this is so good! It is the perfect drink to enjoy at night when I want something sweet.


I have finally joined the world of Bloglovin‘. I am still trying to figure out how to really use it but at least you can click here and follow my blog… Bloglovin’ Follow HERE

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

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    • I am so over this cold weather!!! The funny thing about bloglovin is I had an account!! I just needed to add a link on my blog. I am so glad you said something. Now I need to figure out how to really use it. Do you write post there?

    • Thanks!! I know crazy texas weather. You guys have seen more winter mixes than we have. Have a great weekend!

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