10 on the 10th – My Love

Danny and I have been together 18 yrs 11 months and 6 days.  I’ll never forget the night we met.  Our love story started at the fanciest place ever, Poking You Tattoo.  I know a very classy place but when you are in college this is what you do on a Saturday night.  It was love at first sight but I am pretty sure Danny didn’t think this at first. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am sharing my top 10 pictures from the past 18 yrs. (This was so hard because I have thousands of pictures!!!)

Our first date – March 2000

The day Danny proposed to me – November 2002

Our wedding day – July 2003

I have loved all of the trips we have take together!




Celebrating our 10th anniversary in Cabo – July 2013

Celebrating our 15th Anniversary – July 2018

On the bridge where Danny proposed to me – January 2017

Finally, every time I look at this picture tears come to my eyes. This was taken the day I was leaving the hospital for the first time. We had been on an emotional roller coaster and it was just the beginning. I have always loved Danny but during that time in the hospital, our love for each other and our marriage got stronger.

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