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Happy Friday!! We’ve had a busy week of working on school projects and doctor’s appointments. Before we kick off our weekend I’m sharing a few of my favorites from this week.


Sometimes we all need a good laugh and when I saw these memes on Instagram I died laughing.

TWO Every 4th grader at the girl’s school has to turn in their interpretation of The Alamo. The only expectation for the project is it has to be the same shape as the Alamo but other than that they can make it their own. So I let Abigail have free creative liberties. This is what she picked to decorate the Alamo with…

Every Alamo has unicorns, right? 😂

Before she started to decorate it…

The completed project…


This week I had FOUR doctor’s appointments (and one more next week)!! All reports were great, so now I just continue doing what I’m doing and will follow up with all of them again in six months.

And poor Abigail had her monthly orthodontic appointment this week. It was not like her other appointments because she had two teeth removed. 😭😭 Time to make some room for her adult teeth. 


Hi my name is Jessica and I’m a sucker for any kind of mask! After my last hair appointment I’ve decided that I should try some new hair products. I picked up this hair mask at Wal-Mart and finally tried it this week. I loved the way my hair looked and felt afterwards.


Finally, Danny came home from Egypt on Tuesday! We were all excited and the girls made a cute sign to hang on the door.

Here are few pictures from his trip…

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  1. I really need to try a hair mask. My hair has been so dry lately. I love her project of the Alamo! Perfect!!
    How cool that Danny got to go to Egypt!

  2. Glad the dr. appointments went well. My son has his teeth adjusted last week at his orthodontic appointment and he was so sore for days. Sorry she had to have teeth pulled!

  3. I love that Alamo! If it glitters and has unicorns, count me and Nataleigh in! Ha..those memes made me seriously laugh out loud. And how cool was Danny’s trip!? Amazing. Happy Monday, friend!

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