10 on the 10th – Birthday Parties

Today I am sharing TEN of my favorite birthday parties we have hosted.


For Abigail’s 3rd Birthday we had a cowboy themed party. We made stick horses for everyone to take home and had lot of western decor around the house.


For Kate’s 4th Birthday we had a cupcake decorating party. I made aprons for all of the kids so that they wouldn’t get their clothes dirty while they decorating the cupcakes.


Kate’s 5th birthday was a Barbie Theme. We had a hot pink carpet instead of a red carpet in the entryway that welcomed all of the kids. All of the kids came dressed up and ready for a fun afternoon.


Kate has always been a little diva, so for her 2nd birthday we thought that was the perfect theme.


One of my favorite parties was Abigail’s 4th birthday. I worked so hard decorating for her Superhero party. I even made superhero capes for each kid! All of the kids were asked to come dressed as their favorite superhero.


Kate loves sleepovers but for her 6th birthday she wanted to invite almost 15 girls and I was not going to have that many girls sleepover. So we hosted an unsleepover and it was a huge hit with her friends. All of the girls did everything you would do at a sleepover but they all went home by 10pm! We decorated pillowcases, did makeovers, ate pizza, and watched movies.


Abigail loved the movie Pirate Fairy, so for her 5th party that was the theme she picked. I love themed birthday and usually go all out! All of her friends came dressed up as fairies. It was another super fun party!


Abigail loves every sport she has played, so for her 7th party we decorated with all things sports related. I even had her friends sign a soccer ball.


As the girls have aged it has been harder and harder to come up with a theme that was age appropriate. So from Kate’s 8th birthday, we had an Art Party. Each girl party went home with their own beautiful piece of art.


My 40th birthday will probably be the biggest party I have planned and hosted. The theme for the party is a Black & Gold party. Everyone is going to come dressed in cocktail attire and ready for a fun night! We have also hired a musician and a bartendar. I have also ordered a photobooth so that we can capture some fun pictures. I will definitly share all of the details and pictures after the party.

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  1. Now I want to invite myself to one of these parties!! How stinking fun! I bet your 40th will be the best yet, and I can’t wait to see what you share! Happy birthday, friend!

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