40 on my 40th Birthday

When it comes to birthday post most people talk about things they want to do before their 40th birthday or do a 40 things about them kind of post.  I went back and forth on what to do and both of those ideas are great! However, to embrace my first year in my 40s I’ve decided to list my 40th- year bucket list. I hope to check all 40 of these items off by March 19th, 2020. You can follow along on my Instagram #40thingsinmy40thyear

1.Go to Magnolia

2. Go to a Cowboys game as a family

3. Take a day trip with Kate

4. Take a day trip with Abigail

5. Weekend getaway to Napa Valley

6. Girl’s Weekend

7. Meet someone famous

8. Try a new food

9. Try a new hair color

10. Host a Murder Mystery dinner

11. Plan a progressive dinner with neighborhood friends

12. Host a Bunco night

13. Go snow skiing

14. Go to a Rangers games as a family

15. Go to Las Vegas!

16. Run a 5K

17. Go to a BIG concert

18. Plan a couple’s trip

19. Go to a musical

20. Plan a surprise weekend away with Danny

21. Host a wine club night

22. Go to the tulip farm

23. Take a trip to Boston

24. Go to the lantern festival

25. Get a job with Stitch Fix (again)

26. Splurge on a nice purse

27. Splurge on a great pair of sunglasses

28. Take a cooking class

29. Take a dance class

30. Try five new restaurants

31. Go to a Mixology class

32. Go to Billy Bob’s

33. Take a trip to San Diego

34. Be apart of a blogger link up

35. Log 50 miles walking or running in one month

36. Get a new tattoo

37. Increase my Instagram followers

38. Learn how to make a coconut cream pie

39. Grow my hair out

40. Get in shape and hit my goal weight

Some of these will be easy to check off and others will take some time (and money) to do.  However,  I am excited to check each if these off over the next year.  Now time to celebrate my 40th birthday with my family. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to you and also, I cannot wait to follow along in this next year and see all of these dreams come true! I love the mix of family time but also focusing on yourself. I want to run a 5K this year too. I have missed running! Also, praying big prayers for you this coming year!

  2. what a sweet list! Of course I’m thinking you are pretty darn brave on a couple of these like trying a new hair color haha. Will be looking forward to seeing the new tattoo. Definitely something I’ve had on my mind the past few years .

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