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Celebrating Kate

We have had so much fun celebrating Kate this week! We kicked off the celebrations last Friday with a  birthday party with her friends. The girls had fun decorating pillowcases with fabric makers.  This is the 2nd time we have done this with her friends and it’s always a hit!  […]

Happy Birthday Kate! 

I can remember every minute of 1/9/08 like it was yesterday.  I will never forget waking up at 3 am with horrible contractions (less than 3 minutes apart).  I took a shower, fixed my hair, and put makeup on, again while I have contractions.  (I know that I was crazy)  […]

2018…My Goal This Year

Every year I always write down the generic new years resolution, lose weight, workout, eat healthy foods, etc.   I have several friends that pick a word to define their year, so I took some time this past week and thought long hard about a word to define 2018.  The word I […]

Christmas 2017

Happy New Year!  This past week has been a blur!  I am kicking off 2018 with a look back at all of the fun we had celebrating Christmas.  Sorry for all of the blurry pictures…I guess I was so excited. Before we woke up the girls I took a quick […]