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The Bedding

Today I went to buy the fabric for Kate’s baby bedding. Thanks to Whitney we picked out some really cute fabrics. My mom will be making the bedding so when she finishes it I will post some new pictures. From the top – inside of the bumper, outside of the […]


We would like to introduce our little girl, Katherine Grace White (Kate for short). We had the ultrasound this morning and she was very uncooperative. She keep her legs crossed the whole time and sometime she would tuck them underneath her. She would not roll over! She just laid there […]

Baby’s Bed

We ordered the baby’s bed last weekend, and they told us that it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get it in. However, on Wednesday they called and told us our crib was ready to be picked up! So today we went to get the crib and Danny put […]

Monthly OB Appointment

We went today for my monthly OB appointment. Danny went with me so that he could hear the heartbeat for the first time. It only took them 30 seconds or less to find the heartbeat. The heartbeat was 156, and very strong. He or she is sitting right below my […]

Class of 97 Reunion

Danny and I all dressed up for the dinner at the Class Reunion. The Mommies showing off their pregnant bellies (Cara, Me, & Julie) The Girls at the Class Reunion Picnic The Parent’s To Be at the Class Reunion Picnic Danny and I went to my 10 year class reunion […]

The Baby’s Heartbeat

Today I had my monthly OB appointment. I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It was so amazing. It did take them a couple of minutes to find it because the baby would not stop moving. The heart rate was 169 beats per minute. Many will […]

Our Family…

Sunday morning I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE. This was an answer to many prayers. I went to the doctor on Monday for lab work, and I have to go back tomorrow for more lab work. Danny and I really excited and looking forward to the next […]