Birthday Party Favorites!

On a stormy Wednesday night – June 10, 2009 – we welcomed Abigail into this world.  There was one point that night that the sirens starting going off and the power went out in the hospital but luckily the generators kicked on.  We were so excited to have another little girl in our now family […]

Halloween Spooktacular

We have lived in the Stonebridge neighborhood for almost 4 years and have never gone to the Halloween Spooktacular.  However, this year we had nothing that conflicted with the event so we got the girls dressed up in their Halloween costumes and headed up to the beach club.  For this […]

Tucker Hill Pumpkin Patch

   I am so excited to be linking up with Megan for – {too cute} Tuesday…   Our first stop on Saturday afternoon was the Tucker Hill Pumpkin Patch.  We love this neighborhood! We have always said that if it had a neighborhood school then we would live there but no […]

My Fashionista

We like to give the girls the freedom to dress themselves. There are some guidelines, for instance, they can’t wear church clothes to school or to Shelley’s house, they can’t wear clothes that don’t fit anymore, and they have to be clean clothes.   I let Abigail have a little more freedom than Kate […]