All About Kate

This week Kate is the Star Student!! She completed her Super Hero poster in September I love that she put Jesus down as her HERO! This week she got to pick a few items to take to school… She picked her dance trophy, soccer trophy and medal, Minnie mouse ears, […]

Kate’s Baptism

Sunday – August 30th – will always be a special day for Kate because that was day that Danny baptized her. Kate made her profession of faith this summer while she was attending Vacation Bible School.  Danny called me while I was in the Dominican Republic and told me that […]

Saying Goodbye

Kate’s best friend since kindergarten moved back to Missouri this past week.  I think I cried more than she did!  We are going to miss Addison and hope that one day their paths will cross again. Addison and Kate’s goodbye August 2015 June 2015 March 2015 March 2015 January 2015 […]