One Month Update 

Our first week home was full of doctor’s appts, so I was glad when week 2 rolled around because I knew I would not be spending the week going from appointment to appointment. The girls came home from visiting the grandparents and we began trying to figure out what our […]

First Day of School – 2018-2019

Kate My best friend’s name is: Charlotte  My favorite thing to play: monopoly  My favorite color: indigo  My favorite book: All the Stars in the Sky My favorite TV show: Alexa and Katie My favorite food: chicken tenders When I grow up, I want to: a teacher with a PhD Something I really like: playing volleyball  Something […]

Week One Update

A lot can happen in a week, and at the same time it feel as though nothing has changed. When we left the hospital, I was told that I would need to see my Primary Care Provider, Vascular Surgeon, Neuro-Ophthalmologist and a Geneticist.  So we knew our first week home […]

Life Changing Moment

I came home from the hospital nine days ago and it’s amazing how quickly life can change. We’ve had so many people ask what happened, so I thought I would start writing down my story.   Three of the four main arteries in my neck have either partially or completely collapsed; […]

Happy 4th Of July

I always look forward to the Fourth Of July every year! This year was a little different than years in the past however we still had fun and made some great memories.  We started the morning off with our annual hometown parade… I love our yearly 4th of July picture… […]

What’s Up Wednesday 

It’s the last Wednesday of the month and that means one thing: it’s time for this month’s edition of my favorite linkup – What’s Up Wednesday. What we’re eating this week: The girls are at cousin camp this week so the kitchen is closed!!  Sunday: date night Monday: sandwiches (super exciting) Tuesday: […]