Abigail’s 9th Birthday Interview

What is your favorite color?Hot pink What is your favorite toy? Kindle  What is your favorite fruit?Kiwi  What is your favorite show?Tiny House Big Living What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?Bagels What is your favorite outfit?Shorts and a T-Shirt What is your favorite game?Clue  What is your favorite […]

Last Day of School 17-18

First Day of School comparison to Last Day of School…they have grown up so much.  Kate   My best friend’s name is: Charlotte My favorite thing to play: soccer My favorite color: blue My favorite book: Rebels Raising My favorite TV Show: Good Witch My favorite food: meatloaf and green […]

Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

I’ve had a pretty amazing weekend full time with  family and friends. I kicked off my mother’s day weekend with a massage at my favorite day spa. The best way to spend my Friday morning. After my massage, I headed home so that I could get ready for the girl’s field […]

Weekend Recap

While Danny was in Arizona skydiving all weekend… The girls and I had a busy weekend full of sports and fun times with friends. We didn’t have school on Friday.  So Kate spent the afternoon painting while her sister was at a friend’s birthday party. Friday night we spent the […]